About Me

Allowing Time is run by Antoinette de Kleijn. Antoinette is from the Netherlands originally and has lived in Mid Wales since 1997.

I have worked as a nurse for over 35 years both in the Netherlands and in Mid Wales. During this time I have cared for many people in their final days and supported them and their loved ones during this difficult time and in the days and months following.

My personal experience includes being involved in the final days of older and younger close relatives and good friends and supporting loved ones with their final farewell. 

When in 2014 my own husband died I wanted time to say goodbye for myself, our daughters and family and friends. And for me the most natural place to take that time was at home. I had not realised that keeping someone at home after their death is not as common in Wales as it is in the Netherlands.

Our own experience was the start of Allowing Time. To me it is important that it is possible for everybody to take as much time to say goodbye as they feel they need. And to be able to do this in their own way, in their own home, if that is what they want. 

I went to the Netherlands and looked into the experience of undertakers and the technology used. Finding out that keeping somebody at home after their death can be done with the use of safe, reliable technology made me decide to set up this service myself.